Urgent Message to Anyone Struggling To Make Money Online... Before you buy one more guru product, or learn one more Google tactic... Put the insider knowledge you already possess to work. Success is yours the moment you...

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Plus... How I Generate An Easy Monthly Passive Income Just By Spotting Hidden Potential In Other People's Websites ...

Discover The One Dead Simple Tactic All The Hype-Merchant Gurus Were Praying You'd Never Find Out... And Use What You Already Know To Cash In Today!


From The Desk of Ben Shaffer:

Re: The message they warned me not to send you

Dear Wealth-Seeking Friend,

How many times a day do you come across a website and think, “Whoever owns this site has no idea what they're doing”?

Whether you realize it or not, your ability to spot the hidden potential in websites is worth a fortune - even if you've never made money with your own website before.


"Just in the last month, I have sold 3 sites for a total of $8,397 and I currently have deals on the table for a further $31,687"

Hi Ben,

I wanted to write to you to express my gratitude for what you have done for me over the last few months. When I first came to you, I was struggling to survive. However, now I have just managed to buy a new car!

I know that it may sound remarkable, but you have literally turned my life around something I thought impossible especially through today's tough economic times.

Looking back, I now realize that it was just a few twists you showed me that turned my online efforts from negative to positive and will be eternally grateful to you for that. Just in the last month, I have sold 3 sites for a total of $8,397 and I currently have deals on the table for a further $31,687. Even if just a few of those come through, it looks like it is going to be a very happy new year for me!

Thanks once again,
Vlad Valeanu

Update from Ben: After he wrote me the above email, Vlad contacted me to tell me that he had in fact just sold another site for $10k:


Please pay close attention because this message is critical to your success.

Here's what this is all about:

If you receive marketing emails from any of the Internet gurus...

If you own one or more products about how to make money online...

If you have a username on at least one Internet marketing forum...

Then you already possess an insider's knowledge behind the success of any moneymaking website... knowledge that most of the 500 million website owners on the 'Net do not have.

That's why today, on this very page, I'm going to show you the secret of turning what you already know about Internet Marketing into a potentially unlimited stream of personal wealth...

And the greatest part is, you don’t need any:

- Further business experience

- Elaborate marketing system, or

- Expensive and confusing software

to quickly get started with the same system I use to regularly get results like this...

The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires JavaScript to be enabled and the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player. If you are you using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Flash Player by downloading here.

In fact...

If You Were Sent To Read This Letter, It Is Extremely Likely That You Already Have The Skills You Need To Make A Killing Online Using This Step-by-Step Profit Making System...

How do I know that?

The method for building extreme wealth with this system is so simple, it is considered the last of the “easy money” tactics left online today. That is why a few marketers refused to share this with their lists, and even warned me not to release this product.

Many big name marketers use this “under the radar” method to add a few hundred thousand to their bottom lines - and frankly, they don't want the market to get crowded. “The money is so easy.” they said. “Why ruin a good thing?”

But what they don't realize and what I am going to teach you is a technique that I have been using where a crowded market place will actually work in your favor!

In fact, this method has only been “taught” before behind closed doors and that was not because of the lack of offers or success stories, I assure you... but more on those later.

I'm finally peeling back the curtain on this little-known, big-earning tactic. It's for you if you "get it" when it comes to Internet Marketing, just like I did... but feel stuck trying to get your own business profitable.

You and I both know that you aren't some herd-following sheep who believes it's possible to press a button and make cash fall from the sky...

And you're tired of seeing the same outdated marketing tactics wrapped in a shiny new package and sold as the next big thing...

You don't blindly accept the “message board advice” of bitter amateurs who pose as “experts” but have never themselves made a dime online.

No. You're an intelligent, independent thinker ready to join the ranks of those marketers who’ve achieved success beyond their wildest dreams.

And this is what I want to show to you.

You know the formulas, you've seen the tactics at work... and you're waiting for someone to cut through the BS and show you exactly how to put them to use in a logical, results-proven way so you can finally grab your share of Internet wealth.

If I’m wrong about that, please forgive the interruption and go to your favorite forum or check out the latest news on Facebook :)

This message is only for people who have stopped jumping on the flavor-of-the-week product launches that promise to make you a millionaire before you wake up tomorrow.

And believe me when I say...

This Is A Message You Will Never Hear
From Hype-Peddling Marketers...

This message contains the secret system that even the most “generous” marketers would never reveal (and warned me not to reveal) because it goes against everything you’ve been taught up until now.

Hi. My name is Ben Shaffer, and for years I've been helping people just like you escape dead-end jobs and financial stress by creating new lifestyles of abundant wealth and independence on the Internet.

You may be familiar with my product review series, “Clarify With Ben”, where I strip away the slick packaging and give you a bare-bones look at which products make real money online and which don't.

I pride myself on giving clear and honest information that lets you and the facts - not the hype - determine the value of a product. And today will be no different.

Here's the deal...

As you know, the 'Net is the world's richest and most active marketplace. Last year alone Internet shoppers spent over a TRILLION DOLLARS online...creating more new millionaires in a shorter amount of time than the stock market ever has in its full existence.

And the greatest part is...

Absolutely ANYONE Can Take Advantage
Of The Incredible Opportunity On The Internet
Right Now...

Don't be fooled into thinking it's only big retailers making millions online... countless “average Joe” marketers (many we know, and plenty we don't) are collecting piles of cash on the Internet.

You might already be one of them.

Or maybe you're one of a larger group who knows there are outrageous fortunes being made online...

...you understand (or are learning) the simple steps to creating this amazing level of wealth...

but for whatever reason, have yet to take action towards building your own Internet fortune.

If that's you, I understand.

I was in the same boat just a few short years ago... learning all I could about making money online, but confused about how to do it for myself.

I wanted desperately to make enough money to leave my soul-crushing day-job behind forever... but just couldn't seem to get started.

But, today things are different...


"the concepts within the course are extremely step-by-step and are very feasible to carry out"

Ben was one of the first marketers to step on my tail when he called me out for being too blackhat. But despite that, I am writing this testimonial for his Project Archimedes for a simple reason.

I have gone through every bit of it and I was totally blown away.

Firstly, the details that Ben covers is second to none! It is site flipping on steroids!

Secondly, the concepts within the course are extremely step-by-step and are very feasible to carry out.

Thirdly, there is an updated mastermind section which is extremely valuable!

It's crazy not to jump on Project Archimedes as soon as you can.

Ben seldom does new products like this anymore because he is busy making money from his ideas. Therefore I would advise you to jump on it as quickly as possible.

Vince Tan
Featured World Internet Summit Speaker


"I just bought a website for $497 upon your advice and on first week alone, I earned back my investment!"

I love passive income and your Project Archimedes is a perfect course for earning money through site-flipping.

I just bought a website for $497 upon your advice and on first week alone, I earned back my investment! This is a no-brainer...

Ian del Carmen


"...using your system I was able to actually make more money in 2 flips than I made in 7 flips previously."

Hey Ben,

Just wanted to congratulate you on a great product. It is rare to see something so original these days.

As someone that has made over $1,000,000 online over the past 2 years I can honestly say that what counts in this business is new concepts, new ideas, and a fresh approach.

I have flipped websites in the past for a very cool profit but using your system I was able to actually make more money in 2 flips than I made in 7 flips previously.

I truly recommend this easy to implement system for anyone looking for a fun and profitable online business.

All the best

Alex Edevane


“Today I earn more money in a year than I ever did in 5 years at my old ‘cubicle slave’ salary...”

If you're the kind of person who dreams of the freedom to live on your own terms - and reap the rewards of your own hard work, then I'm happy to say that this life can be yours, too.

Because it's not just possible to create amazing wealth online, but I guarantee that by using this system...

You Will Succeed!

And the good news is... you're already halfway there.

As I mentioned earlier, you already possess the skills and knowledge needed to guarantee success using the system I've created.

See, after years of reviewing and promoting marketing products, I've learned... there are 2 ways to sell a lot of Internet moneymaking products...

Create a ton of hype... or...

Create a product that really works.

Here's a dirty secret about many hype-driven products: They expect a huge percentage of their buyers to return the product.

They know the product can't live up to the hype, but it doesn't matter to them because for every person who returns it, there are 5 more who never do. They see it as free money.

I'm Going To Tick Off A Lot Of Marketers
By Telling You This Dirty Secret...

But, I'll suffer the consequences because it's important for you to know. Besides, I would never promote products for marketers who use those tactics anyway. My loyalty is to the consumer. Period.

But, back to the good news...

How did I go from just reading about all these Internet marketing techniques, to creating actual “cash in pocket” wealth?

My dreams of Internet wealth finally became reality
the day I learned one simple word...

One word that is the simple secret behind every tycoon from Donald Trump... to Warren Buffett... to countless millionaires and billionaires we'll never know the names of - but who all agree that this one word holds the magic of their outrageous wealth.

That simple word is: Arbitrage.

If you have no idea what arbitrage means, don't worry. I didn't either at first...

But you will in a minute. And like me, and the select few people I've taught my method to, you'll quickly realize the amazing power of what I now refer to as “Project Archimedes.”

And when you combine arbitrage with the special knowledge YOU ALREADY POSSESS about how moneymaking websites work, you suddenly gain a distinct advantage over 99% of other people online...putting you in the elite 1% of Internet Marketers.

This is true even if you've yet to make your first sale on the Web.

Because today I'm going to show you how you can turn that same knowledge... the stuff that makes most website owners go blank when you talk about it... into real cash money by doing little more than surfing the Internet the same way you do right now.

This method is so easy in fact, that once you learn it... it becomes part of your natural instinct, just like clicking and typing - you'll do it without thinking.

As a result... you won't be able to stop siphoning money from the Internet even if you wanted to...

That's what it took for me to finally leap off the guru product carousel and find my own success. It had to become automatic. Otherwise I was destined to get distracted again.

And the best part is, I'm pulling in over $100,000 every 3 months without...

-- promoting any products

-- building huge lists, or

-- paying Google's outrageous traffic tax.

This entire business is separate from my affiliate programs, or other niche products.

Not only that, but I earn...

An Extra $9,648 Every Month In Passive Income
Just For 'Keeping' A Few Websites.

How do I do it? I will show you.

But first back to the word that transformed me from struggling marketer to earning high 6-figures, almost overnight.

The concept is very simple and almost obvious...

Arbitrage is the practice of making money through the differentials between two or more markets.

Or less formally, Arbitrage is when you buy an item for less than its normal value, and “flip” it for a big profit. Just like you hear about real estate investors doing all the time...

Well, the same method applies to websites, except for one major difference...

You will only purchase or create a website if you know that you already have a buyer. People get burned in bad real estate transactions every day. But...

You Can Take Advantage Of Internet Arbitrage
Today With Less Than $2 Cash...

...and still make a killing, as I'm about to show you.

“Let me break down in simple terms how arbitrage translates into huge profit potential using what you already know about marketing websites...”

All of those websites you come across and easily spot the flaws with... really do need your help. People do NOT like change, and even less so if it means breaking out a sweat.

Now, your first instinct may be reach out to the website owner and offer to share your knowledge with them. That's the first thing I tried, too.

It's a generous thought, but what I soon discovered was that most owners of these websites, either don't care or just can't see that they are missing the boat.

In fact, a surprising number of website owners said to me...

“Sounds like you know the best way to fix the site... why don't you just buy it from me and keep all that money for yourself?”

The first few times I just shook my head and moved on. But then I came across a site in a niche I was quite interested in. So, when the owner offered to sell it, I took her up on it.

I paid just $20 for the complete website and URL (bargained down from $100)... I applied the same changes I had suggested to her... and the results were far greater than I even predicted...

Within a couple of months the website was steadily rising in search engine rank... traffic was increasing... and the site was pulling in hundreds of dollars in passive (autopilot) income every single month!

It Was Like Getting An Extra Paycheck
Every Month For Doing Nothing.

I had a debit card set up to collect money from the website... I called it my “mad money” card... and I could hardly hold back my smile ever time I pulled it out to buy whatever the heck I wanted with it.

Of course, it didn't take long to want more of a good thing. So, I scooped up another 3 sites over the next few months, made similar tweaks... and saw even bigger returns... I was finally cracking that elusive “code” to online wealth... And when I did...

“The Combination Clicked...The Gates Flew Open...
And Money Came Flooding In!”


$97,623 in just 6 Months...

More than I'd ever made in an entire year! Then another...

$124,534.22 in the next 5 Months...

I thought I must be dreaming, but it wasn't a dream - it was the mother lode! And the money just kept on coming...

$109,232.23 in the next 3 Months after that...

Then money just kept coming by the tens of thousands, without stopping, for over a year. When the smoke cleared I was staring at...

$486,229 in just 12 Months!

All for doing nothing more than making a few simple changes to these hidden potential websites, and watching the money come in automatically.

I was sure life couldn't get any better...

If you've ever made money online you know what a powerful feeling it is. To have money appear out of nowhere like that... it lets you know that anything is possible. It's truly awesome.

But, as I was about to discover...

I Was Still Only Seeing A Small
Part Of The “Big Picture”...

The rest came into focus when I started getting offers from marketers wanting to buy my websites... The same sites I had just bought and in some cases hadn't changed a thing on.

I had to laugh...

Just a few months earlier I doubted I would ever make real money online... having tried and failed with everything from eBay to ClickBank... and now people were tracking me down to make offers on my websites.

Not just people... but big name marketers. (Names you would surely recognize if I wasn't sworn never to reveal them.)

What I learned was,

Buying And Selling Websites Is A HUGE Cash
Business That Very Few Of The Gurus Will
Even Talk About...

You may have heard a little about “flipping” websites before, but this is different.

The biggest difference is flexibility.

Here's how it works...

The system I developed through 2 years of relentless trial and error gives you the flexibility to...

1) Buy a website for pennies on the dollar, then turn around and sell it at full value... or...

2) Collect steady, passive income while you build value in a website and sell it for a huge profit after a couple of months, or...

3) Copy the “good stuff” you see in any given website, and cheaply build your own “complete” version, and sell it for 100% profit in the same niche - or any other niche.

That means you make quick cash at the same time as you're setting up for the big score!

The result is multiple streams of income easily adding up to over 6-figures in as little as 3 months.

But don't take me on my word alone... Just take a look at these screenshots of my accounts...


And it doesn't only work for me...

It has driven equally amazing profits for the select few friends and colleagues I've trusted with this secret...


"He helped me create one website which is now worth 5 figures in one of my main niche markets...Listen to what he has to say."

Ben Shaffer will help you increase your AdSense and other web revenues fast. He can help you just like he helped me, a 12+ year Internet veteran. Be warned that some of his techniques are a bit unconventional, but they do work, and well.

He helped me create one website which is now worth 5 figures in one of my main niche markets and is helping me with another one of my sites which is on track to earn 6 figures over the next 4 years.

Listen to what he has to say.

Seth Young


"...always stunned by the 'different' ways that you look at marketing and the innovative tactics that you bring to the market place."


Yours is one of the few courses this year that looked at to review and found myself actaully engrossed in the materials that it contains.

Through the use of Video and PDFs, you have provided a home-study course which leaves nothing to chance and provided a step-by-step blueprint which is suitable for anyone from the greenest newbie to advanced marketers.

I have known you for a while and am always stunned by the 'different' ways that you look at marketing and the innovative tactics that you bring to the market place.

My recommendation is that everyone should invest in this course.

Andrew Fox


"Everyone wants "quick cash" and this is probably one of the only legitimate ways to achieve it."

Hey Ben,

Just finished going through your Project Archimedes Course and I must say, you've put together a massively valuable resource.

I like it because:

1. This is a method that truly ANYONE can use, as it requires minimal technical knowledge.

2. Everyone wants "quick cash" and this is probably one of the only legitimate ways to achieve it.

3. It WORKS - I've used the methods in this report to quickly add little streams of $500-$1000 a month to my income with minimal effort.

I can recommend this report to anyone looking to increase their bottom line on the internet - well done mate!

Andrew Hansen


"...so simple to put into place, you could literally start making rent-money in 2 days from today."

I've known Ben Shaffer for almost 2 years now. Everything I've ever seen come from him is absolutely 1st class and Project Archimedes is no exception.

It shows you how to join in on a rarely talked about form of arbitrage that's so simple to put into place, you could literally start making rent-money in 2 days from today.

Project Archimedes' form of arbitrage is perfectly legal, moral, and ethical - but it's still not for everyone. If you're the type of person that's frightened by fast action yielding fast results, you should stay away.

Harris Fellman


"This is some really insider information."

Hey Ben,

I must say, I'm very impressed. This is some really insider information. I didn't know about a lot of this stuff, and sure wish I did at certain periods of my life.

I'll definitely be giving it my full recommendation, and even insist that a couple of my friends invest in it.

Thanks for the opportunity to check it out!

Jordan Hall


"...anyone can start their virtual real estate business from scratch without being too technical."

Hi Ben,

I am very impressed by the information that you presented here. You put it down to the real step by step information so anyone can start their virtual real estate business from scratch without being too technical.

I am amazed by how you show your members how to spot the right virtual real estate, build traffic and sell it in one of the hottest marketplace for virtual real estate, and the price you put it here for is so ridiculously low.

Dee Ferdinand


"...even newbies will be able to make money by following your simple steps."

Hey Ben,

Just a quick note to say that this is an awesome money making blueprint, and I think even newbies will be able to make money by following your simple steps.

I just think you're crazy giving it a way for such a measly low price - I just hope that everyone who gets this appreciates the value here so they will follow it. If they do they will make some very healthy profits!

Dave Gale


"...so much more in this excellent multi-media tutorial..."

"Project Archimedes" is the product I've been waiting for for years! Sure, we all knew that you can buy and resell websites, but exactly what is the blueprint to doing it right?

Ben Shaffer answers that question and so much more in this excellent multi-media tutorial on branching out in to the world of reselling VIRTUAL real-estate, at a time where convention real estate won't move!

Congrats Ben, on your success with Website Flipping and of course your new product!

Todd Gross


"Your approach to site flipping is fun and definitely profitable."

Great job with Project Archimedes. It's refreshing to see something new and unique after a long time. Your approach to site flipping is fun and definitely profitable. I found myself at one of your recommended marketplaces even before reading half the ebook. Couldn't wait to get started.

Alok Jain


"Thanks to Ben's methods, I am expecting to clear another 5 figures using his material."

Often we PAY top dollar in order to have an expert in a specific field share their knowledge.

With Project Archmides it is as if you are hiring a top level expert, but instead of handing over chunks and percentages of your earnings, as you SHOULD do with such a breakthrough, you pay a one time fee and just keep taking this idea to the bank over and over. Thanks to Ben's methods, I am expecting to clear another 5 figures using his material and literally spending almost no time on it!

Thanks Ben!

Andrea Yager


I can't stress enough how easy it is to start gathering these sites, collecting steady, passive income from them, and then selling them for monster profits.

Of all the high quality products I've reviewed and chosen to promote with top marketers, I can't think of any that allowed you to tap so easily into the knowledge you already have and, just by following a few clear and simple steps, turn an instant profit.

Aren't you tired of feeling overwhelmed with learning all the new methods you need to stay competitive in this fast changing industry?

I know I was.

But, I've finally created an incredibly easy-to-follow system that puts you in the driver's seat, and turns the Internet marketing know-how you've been soaking up into fast and steady profits.

You and I agree that you already have the knowledge and skills required to make a ton of money online...

We know that arbitrage is the easiest way to make steady money while you set up for the big score...

Now all you need is the simple system that will take the knowledge you already have in your head, and turn it into cash in your pocket.


Project Archimedes!

You Have The Leverage
To Make A Killing Online!

Here's just some of the cash-generating
secrets that will turn your knowledge into cash...

The best places to find the hidden-value sites just waiting to be snatched up and flipped for massive profits...
The simple 5 word phrase that gets site owners hot to sell without tipping them off to golden egg they’re sitting on...
How to gauge the true value of a website, and how quickly you'll profit with it - before you ever contact the owner!
Hot to use your “marketer’s eye” to spot the hidden value in websites—and turn them into cold, hard cash in your pocket...

When to buy an existing site, and when it’s easier to just swipe the good parts for your own site...

The quickest, easiest way to make your sites earn for you while you build them up for the big score – that means you’re making money while you're building value!
The little-known resource that lets you spy on the market to see what’s selling for what and who’s buying from whom...
The zero-cost secret to skyrocketing the value of any site in 30 days or less!
The single most important element of any high value website - and why most site owners are clueless about it...
How to increase the value of any website without risking a penny of your own money – guaranteed!
How to set up your business for quick cash when you need it, steady cash while you build it, and massive profits with zero risk!

I've selfishly made this the easiest-to-follow guide because it's the only way I can personally get things done.

I stood on the sidelines of Internet marketing for too long before finally getting into the game and collecting my share of the fortune... and the biggest hang-up I had was “information overload”.

Every product promises to be “so easy a child could do it...” But then you're directed to download the multiple eBooks and long series of videos necessary for teaching you this simple method.

Have you ever wondered...

How could something so simple require so much material to learn? I don't know any child who would sit through all that. Do you?

If, like me, you just don't have the time or patience to sit through a college semester worth of material to learn a “simple” method for making money... then you're going to love how truly easy this system is to learn and follow.

Just one 73 page fluff-free guide, and 13 quick-start videos under 20 minutes each are all it takes to quickly learn...

How to use what you already know about Internet marketing to make a killing online without building a list, affiliating for products, or spending a dime on traffic...
How to get people bidding like crazy on websites you paid next to nothing to build...
How to spot the hidden-value websites and the simple methods that turn them into cold hard cash in your pocket....
How to increase the value of any website by up to 91% just by registering the domain name – plus the sneaky trick to snatching domains for just pennies!

The simple and free trick to making your domains rank higher from the moment you register them...

The EXACT number of links you should have to any site to boost search engine ranking without tripping the spam alarms...
How to quick-flip a website for up to 200% profit in one afternoon...

The one element of any website that buyers care the most about (it’s probably not what you think) – Plus the simple, quick and easy way to get it on your site...

Thinking of adding pay-per-click ads on your site? Make sure it’s the one source buyers look for on a site (probably not the one you're thinking of)...
The truth about blogging that can add up to 64% value to your site just by using the right FREE and stupid-simple software!
The amazing “one-click” trick to link blasting every major social bookmarking site for 20% traffic increases every time you do it...

Think how often you stumble upon a website you could quickly improve...

Well, once you have this simple but powerful system at your fingertips, every dysfunctional website becomes your good fortune.

The website owners will think you're a hero, and you'll be smiling all the way to the bank.

The secret of billionaires is buying low and selling high. And with that information you can put to use every Internet Marketing product you've bought in the past.

Here’s How You’ll Finally Make Your Money Back (And Tons More) From Every Internet Marketing Product Gathering Dust On Your Hard Drive...

It's time to stop thinking about the day you'll cash in on the Internet - and start living it. Your knowledge is worth a fortune, but only if you put it into action.

You'll simply never get a better chance than this. And it does NOT require expensive membership in a monthly club where the information you need now is spread over weeks and months of “training”...

Only a few others have ever dared to offer to teach arbitrage in the past, and in each case, the program sold for thousands... and was quickly pulled because the gurus wanted the market to themselves.

This is the kind of thing that you can even have someone else do in their spare time and easily rake in huge profits.

These days, there is nothing complicated about creating a website. You can build free websites all day long just by dragging and dropping elements into a template. And the elements required to make them profitable are just as easy to implement.

It's literally a system of “connecting the dots”.

You can do that can't you? If so, you have all the skills you need to make money on the Web, and my guide will show you the rest in simple everyday terms anyone can understand.

You'll quickly learn...


How to spot those quick, cheap and easy fixer-uppers AND practically guarantee yourself a hungry buyer for your site before you do any work...

How to build sites cheaply and let them appreciate for massive profit in a few months...
The sneaky little secret to finding out details about a website owner – even if they’ve set their profile to “private”...
What you must never say to a site owner you want to buy from. This common slip that can cost you the best deals...

The amazing free research tool that instantly exposes the hidden value of any site. It lets you unearth the treasure chest in mere seconds...

Sitepoint, eBay and Digitalpoint are the best places to find sites, right? WRONG! I’ll show you the goldmines no one else is even thinking to look for!
The one thing you must know about a niche before jumping in - and how to find out in 3 minutes flat...

The quickest, easiest way to find a reliable web hosting company to host all of your domains for less than you’d spend on a value meal at the drive–thru...

The free value-boosting plug-ins you’re not currently using that will give your sites major “curb-appeal” for potential buyers...
Where to score the quick sale, the value hunters, and the deep-pocket investor... Plus, the magic phrases that get each of them reaching for their wallets...
Think you have to swindle website owners to get them to hear your offer? WRONG! I’ll give you the exact script that gets their greed gland working overtime (and puts you in the driver’s seat)...

Project Archimedes includes everything you need in one easy-to-follow guide, and a few quick-start videos... and I'm not charging thousands of dollars for it.

So, just how much does it cost to put all the knowledge you're storing in your brain into cash-grabbing action?

First you've got to consider how much it's costing you NOT to use what you know. Every ugly and poorly performing website you come across could be earning money for YOU once you know these secret formulas for buying low and selling high.

You've seen my 6-figure profits, and now you're about to own the exact system I used to fill my bank accounts. Plus, I'll be with you every step of the way to provide ongoing support...

I'm proud of how simple this system is to follow and use, but it's only natural to have a question or two along the way. You'll have direct access to me and my staff that can answer all your questions, so you never have to surf past another golden arbitrage opportunity.

This system and the power to generate cash online is easily worth the thousands others have charged just to confuse people into oblivion... But, for a limited time you can get instant access to Project Archimedes for a ridiculous one-time-only payment of $117.

Clear, easy-to-follow instructions for turning 'surfing the Internet' into the potential for another cash windfall... all for less than price of a decent concert ticket.

Plus, I promised you will succeed with this system, and now I'm putting my money where my mouth is...

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"...I think this is one of the best uses of the possibilities the internet offers. Domain and site real estate can be had and flipped at incredible profits."

Hey Ben,

Just wanted to drop you a note to say Project Archimedes rocks.

I think this is one of the best uses of the possibilities the internet offers. Domain and site real estate can be had and flipped at incredible profits. It's a bit of a no man's land where someone armed with just a few tactics and a handful of dollars can reliably score big.

Not only have I seen you apply exactly what you teach in your book time and time again, I've also done it myself and seen others do amazing things with what you show.

This is exactly what someone needs to start profiting today from a proven business system. All the components are there, and that makes it easy to jump right in and get quick results.


Alex Goad


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